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This is a site dedicated to your health, wellness and good nutrition.  

It provides step by step guidance, which if followed carefully 
will help you lose 20 pounds or more ... in Six Weeks.

All the information you could possibly need about the science of healthy eating is presented in a fast flowing, easily understandable style to empower  you to take back control of your body and enjoy optimum health and vitality.

It provides a nutritional road map, guiding you to a new life by clearly explaining why we gain weight, how to lose weight and how to stay thin and healthy.

No high risk, high protein or fad diets, no pills, fancy supplements ... or other "quick fix remedies" are presented here. 

All the recommendations and suggestions featured in this exhaustive site are based purely on the principles of good nutrition, healthy eating and a balanced approach to regular exercise

​If you want to lose weight in a fast but sustainable way, the information contained in this web site will be of enormous and practical value to you, showing you exactly what you need to do to become trim and healthy for the rest of your life.

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Food and Diet .org is not only crammed with high quality, practical and easy to use information ... it also features hundreds of hours of video and other multimedia to convey  the  principles of healthy eating in a clear and understandable way.

Two plans of action are presented that show you exactly how you can lose quickly ... 20 pounds in the first six weeks, and then a consistent regular weekly amount (the pace of weight loss is up to you) until your ideal weight is reached.

Exhaustive recipes and cooking tips and tricks are included, to make your daily diet as delicious and enjoyable as possible ... while still only eating healthy and nutritious foods at all times. 

Balanced but challenging exercise routines are prominently featured (in video 
format), starting with simple but effective techniques that you can follow from the comfort of your own home ... no more trips to the gym ... unless you really want to go to show off your new, toned body!
The site is also crammed with "Special Features" such as the peaceful and relaxing "Tranquillity Room" ... a place you can come to every day to relax and unwind.

The ideal place to be if you want to let go of all the stresses and strains of your hectic life!

Or ... if you are in more studious mood, you may wish to ponder over our vast library of news reports and articles  from a wide variety of sources that highlight the dire state of the health and wellness of the vast majority of earths population ... and how the solutions presented in this website are the only ones scientifically proven to provide long term weight loss and sustainable health benefits
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